Elsyscom has delivered two self-manufactured medium wave radio transmitters, one TRAM 25 in 2019 and one TRAM 100 in early January 2020.

Many thanks to our launching customer Planetcomm in Thailand.

Berlin, 07. January 2020

Furthermore, in late 2019 Elsyscom – supported by our affiliate company Cestron International GmbH and the German company Interkon Systems & Engineering GmbH – successfully completed the TDA medium wave projects in Bechar and Ouled Fayet in Algeria.

At the same time, Elsyscom gave local assistance to TWR in implementing and refurbishing new transmission systems in Bishkek/ Kirgistan.

Elsyscom finished asset and staff transfer from AM-Broadcast GmbH

A traditional market leading company will restart under a new name

Berlin, 05. August 2019

The Elsyscom GmbH in Teltow, Germany, near to Berlin, a partner company of the well established Cestron lnternational GmbH, Potsdam, Germany will provide manufacturing, installation and the complete scope of services and after sales support concerning all products introduced by the former Transradio SenderSysteme Berlin AG, later named AM-Broadcast.

Offering its innovative and pioneering spirit with long-standing staff expertise, Elsyscom GmbH products will stand for highest quality, reliability and best performance.